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Choose a Football Goal that is Built to Last

Football goal post reviews

Recently, football goal review sites have sprung up to help buyers decide which products offer the best value for money. As none of these sights mention any of the leading British goalpost manufacturers the independence claims made make may be questionable.

Many of these sites have “buy now” or “check price on Amazon” and every time these areas are clicked buy a viewer they receive a payment. Many also carry google advertising linked to the viewers likes and again payment is recieved if viewers click on these adverts.

These sites may not always offer the best advice as they seem to be are profit driven.Some may see this as clever advertising yet others, like myself, think this is misinforming and misleading. Many claim comments are based on expert opinion and real-world testing (whatever that is) but none qualify the expertise. A garden dad is hardly and expert.

As founder members of the BSI football goal post safety committee we have never seen or come across any of these people at any of the goalpost standards meetings in the last thirty years.In our expert opinion many of the goal posts  recommend by these so called experts may well fail the current goal post standard BS EN 16579:2018.

I did feel it was time to create a site that offers unbiased information covering all types of goalposts especially those being sold to parents for garden use and  junior football.

This site does not get paid when onward clicks are made, explores all current products, adds any that subsequently appear and gives a totally unbiased opinion from a genuine expert.

Product reviews are becoming more important to buyers and careful research will show customers that better football goals are available at similar prices that are stronger, longer-lasting, use better quality nets, and have a better warranties.

Many companies selling goal posts also use websites such as “trustpilot” to gather customer comment, some of which may help buyers but in our opinion these comments are generally gathered within a few days of the sale which gives little or no time to proper evaluate the products.

Many of the comments only refer to the speed and efficiency of the delivery and do not offer detailed information about the quality of the product over time.

Companies selling inferior products may use such reviews to help persuade customers to buy.

Independent reviews based only on Amazon sales do not seem to look at the more specialist goalpost manufacturers and short life inferior Far East imported football goals seem to dominate. The good thing about buying from Amazon is the returns policy however sometimes the cost of sending back a goalpost can be prohibitive and may cost more than the actual goal post, so buyer beware.

This website is dedicated in showing genuine reviews about football goals and does not earn from clicks or derive any income from advertising.


This site has been introduced to clarify the information on the internet about goalpost design and types available. These are the opinions of the retired chairman of a leading goalpost manufacturer. Recognised as a one of the top goalpost experts in the U.K. and founder member of the original British Standards Institute (B.S.I.) goalpost safety committee.

His experience goes back to 1959 when he built his first goal post at the age of ten and with more goalpost patents and registered designs than anyone else in the industry he can comment as the elder statesman of the goalpost industry in Europe. The Football Association and FIFA still consult him on football goal post standards to this day.

Un-biased opinion cutting through miss information and marketing jargon from a true industry expert.

Please let us know if these football goal reviews were helpful.

Whether you looking for football goals for a small or large garden or need goalposts for your club we can advise on the best football goal for your location and budget.