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Product Review Websites

It seems that “Trustpilot” in their own words may know that fake reviews are being used on Football Goal Product Review Websites and that a higher volume of reviews fake or otherwise apparently give can customers a distorted view of  products. They seem to acknowledge some reviews may not be genuine.They are however activly trying to detect them and remove them.

It would be nice if they identified the companies that have mislead and abused the system to attain an unfair advantage.It is good that they do not allow cherry picking of reviews so some genuine one-star reviews are shown. In our opinion we may be a long way from being able to trust such Football Goal Product Review Websites and that genuine direct feedback from buyers may be more reliable.

Cited”Fake reviews.
We want to make it easy to leave reviews by not putting too many restrictions on the process. That’s because a higher volume of reviews paints a more accurate picture. But we also want to avoid fake reviews by building checks and balances into the system. Striking the right balance between these two priorities is an ongoing challenge. We’re constantly improving measures to detect and remove fake reviews.

‘Cherry picking’. Our Company Guidelines require companies to invite their customers to leave reviews in an unbiased way. If companies attempt to select only satisfied customers to leave reviews, we call this ‘cherry picking’. Such behavior can mislead consumers and may be illegal, so we don’t tolerate it. Companies that persist with such practices risk having a consumer alert placed on their profile.

Also, members of our community can report suspicious behavior to us and we have targeted processes that help us detect problems.
Abuse of our reporting function. We allow companies to report reviews that violate our User Guidelines. Our reporting function is for the majority of companies on Trustpilot who use the review community for the right purposes.

But sometimes companies report genuine (negative) reviews that do comply with the guidelines simply because they want them removed. This is an abuse of our reporting function and we don’t tolerate it. We’re continuing to improve the tools that help us take action against abuse.”  (Trustpilot Fake News 2019)