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Choose a Football Goal that is Built to Last

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Dear Georgina,

My apologies for not sending this sooner (it’s only been on my to-do list for the last two months!) but better late than never I guess. Firstly, I do hope this finds you well and you and your team are managing to weather the current ‘storm’.I really just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advise you gave me regarding the correct goal for my son, he absolutely loves it and it’s proved to be a real godsend the past couple of months during these difficult times. Also, another big thank you for sending it out so quickly and in time for his birthday and for pre-assembling some of the parts making it so quick and easy to set up on the day – your customer service really is second to none! I’m so glad I purchased the 12′ goal over the 8′ as, despite my son being just seven years of age and quite small, he can comfortably ‘fly’ from one side of this thing to the other, quite to my astonishment and anything smaller really wouldn’t have been so much fun for him to practice his ‘keeping’ skills. On a personal note – I particularly love the perfectly straight (non-sagging) single piece crossbar – quite unique amongst all other goals in the marketplace at this price point, and I’m very grateful to you for offering me this option despite it not being part of your standard line for this goal.
So, once again, thank you for the great product and great customer service – your company is truly the benchmark to which all others should strive to be like. I wish you continued success and hope you come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.
All  the very best, Carl Gilbert